Friday, December 16, 2011

Become an Extreme Couponer!!!

As most people that know me know, I am very into couponing! I only got started couponing about a year ago, but have successfully created a large stock pile of items that my family uses in daily in just a short amount of time. As you have probably noticed from my blog posts, I not only coupon for groceries, I coupon for just about anything I can! :) Since our family's income has been extremely tight (WAY tighter than it ever has been) our stock pile is unfortunately dwindling. :( As soon as our income picks back up I plan to hit the stores and build my stock back up!

One of the best ways to get started with couponing is to be extremely organized. Couponing can be pretty tedious at times and organization helps to cut down the time it takes you to prepare for a shopping trip. It is my opinion that the absolute best way to save time and be completely organized with couponing is by using a Coupon Binder. A Coupon Binder is a large binder that holds all of your coupons and everything you need to shop, like a place for your list, calculator, store policy sheets and more!

Since it is the season for giving I have decided that I want to help all of you couponing beginners out by providing you with your very own coupon binder including detailed instructions on how to use your binder and how to coupon!

I have started a Coupons for Cullen Facebook page and I am using it to do a Coupon Binder Giveaway Contest! Like my page and get 25 of your friends to like my page as well. Once your friend likes my page on your behalf, have them mention your name on my wall. The first 5 people to get 25 of their friends to like my page will will their very own Ultimate Couponing Binder! That is a $40 value!

This binder includes:

  • Large 3 in. ring binder
  • Complete shopping category page
  • Tabs to conveniently find your categories
  • 180 slots for coupons
  • Complete beginners guide to couponing
  • Helpful couponing tips
  • Complete packet of all stores coupon policies
  • Grocery list sheets
  • Zipper pocket to keep couponing supplies
  • 10 pages of coupons to get you started

Hurry and get likes so that you can win this awesome binder!

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