Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Couponing Class Info and Disclaimer

Since many of you have shown an interest in learning how to coupon and save tons of money, I thought it would be a good idea to give a class!

The class will cover the following:

  • Coupon Basics: types of coupons, and  where to get them.
  • Where to Save the Most Money: how to coupon at specific stores in order to save the most.
  • Stockpiling: How to create a stockpile big enough to last your family months and even years!
  • When to Shop: Maximizing your savings by pairing coupons with sales and promotions.
  • Online Couponing: How to save a ton on normal household items as well as clothing and other items online.
  • Eating Out: How to save money at restaurants.

Each class participant will receive links to various couponing sites as well as links to massive lists of FREE printable coupons. Participants will also receive a special coupon code to get an awesome discount on their first subscription to the local coupon newspaper.

The class will take place via chat. You will receive the chat room address and password before the date of your class once your payment has been confirmed. Various dates will be available and the cost per class will be $10.

The class will last about 2 and a half hours leaving the last half hour open for questions.

Please sign up for your desired class on the top of the right hand side of the page with Paypal. If you do not have Paypal and would rather pay via cash or check please send me a Facebook message to let me know and we can work something out.

Thank you so much for your interest and I am excited to see you in class! :)

**Disclaimer: I am charging for this class solely because it will take me away from time with my family in order to prepare for and teach the class. Although couponing is my passion that I want to share with the world, I cannot justify taking that much time away from my family unless I am earning some income for my family's needs in the process. By charging for this class I am in no way competing with any other businesses or trying to create my own business. I am simply charging a fee for my time and effort in sharing this class with people who are interested in couponing just like me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Back! - Birth Story

Wow what a busy couple of months it's been! I of course had my baby boy :) and have been taking care of him full time. He is napping right now (yes!) so I have sometime to update my blog! I thought I would start with my birth story so here goes:

I had been trying EVERYTHING to go into labor on my own and my little man just wouldn't budge! I think he was cozy and wanted to stay in there forever. My blood pressure had been rising and my doctor did not think it was a good idea to let me go too much past my due date so we scheduled an induction for the day after my due date: Monday, Feb. 13. I was supposed to go in at 6am in the morning but received a phone call around 4am saying they were really full and needed me to wait to come in until some other women had their babies. UGH! I was just so ready to go in a meet my little boy and get my nervousness over with and then they told me I had to wait until who the heck knows when! :( Well they finally called me around 10am and asked me if I was ready to have my baby....uh...DUH! So we went in to start the induction process.

I got checked in and changed and then they started cytotec to ripen my cervix since I wasn't really dilated at all.Well not long after that I started having contractions and dilating like crazy! The contractions weren't painful at first but then all of a sudden BAM I felt like I was dying! I figured I MUST be close to 10 cm because of how painful it was, but they checked me and I was only at a 4! I knew then that I had to go against my original wishes and just get the epidural because I was in so much pain. After I got that I felt a lot better until later when it started to wear off. When I was at about 6cm my doctor ordered pitocin because she didn't think I was progressing fast enough. I then got to about 9cm and by this time it was close to midnight.

I had a wonderful very helpful and caring nurse during the day, but the night nurses were total witches! When I was getting ready to push, Jonathan and I said how we were hoping for a Feb. 13th baby and one of my most favorite nurses (NOT!) said "Oh no, you will definitely have a Valentine's baby because ALL first time moms push for at LEAST 4 hours" Thanks chick! She was a total pain and not to mention my epidural was completely off at this point. She was unfortunately right and I pushed amidst all the nurses yelling at me an stretching out my lady bits for 3 freakin hours! I was exhausted and ended up passing out completely in between each contraction with Jonathan coaching me by my side.

My little boy was not wanting to go anywhere and finally after pushing myself into a fever they decided to do a c section. I NEVER wanted to have a c section and before going through all of this it was my biggest fear. However, after pushing for 3 hours through absolute pain and exhaustion I was actually RELIEVED and almost excited to get that dang c section! They pulled the love of my life (10lb 13oz 23in long - no wonder!) out of my body at 4:14am on Valentine's Day and I felt ultimate bliss. It was the happiest moment of my life and I will forever absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

So Blessed!

As you have most likely read in my previous posts, I have been trying to come up with more ways to support my family financially. I support my family in many ways by taking care of the home life and saving us lots of money, but I just didn't feel like I was contributing to the finances enough and I wanted to find something that would work. I finally did!
As you probably know I am very into business and have always wanted to own my own business. I have tried many different things only to fail but I am ok with it because you can't have absolute success without a couple of failures first. Well I think I have finally found what I am best at and that is sales. I have decided to go ahead and sign up with Scentsy and sell their amazing products and I am very excited!
That is not all! I absolutely LOVE couponing and finding great deals and it is the way that I have saved my family a TON of money. My dad always tells me that having a baby and raising a child is super expensive so be prepared, but I have proved him wrong by coupon and bargain shopping. We are currently completely stocked on baby products and clothes and I got them all for dirt cheap! I have always fantasized about couponing for a living (even though it is practically a part time job) and my dream finally came true! I am now a proud employee at and I absolutely love it! I will no longer be posting deals on my blog anymore because I will be doing plenty of posting on Freebies2Deals. I will reserve this blog for family chat, DIY projects, and other very interesting things about my day to day life.
I am so very happy with the way things are going right now and cannot wait to share our blessed life with our son in 3 short weeks! <3
Thank you to GOD and to all of my readers for your support and love! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Deal on Wipes at Walmart!

WOW this is a great deal on wipes!

Right now at Walmart you can get a box of 700 Parent's' Choice wipes for only $11.97 + only .97 shipping!
That is only .02 per wipe!

CLICK HERE to add it to your cart!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adventures and a NEW POLL!

Well last night I processed my first orders for Scentsy. Unfortunately it was not enough to get me started as a consultant but I did get some half priced and free products so I am happy that it wasn't a total loss! I am definitely going to do my best to save up the money it takes to become a consultant in February because in the short amount of time that I was selling I absolutely loved it!

Sales and marketing have always been my forte so I think that is definitely where I need to stick my feet in and stay for a while. Scentsy is a great product and I enjoy selling it so why not? I am also thinking about selling a few other things and have a couple of other ideas a'brewin! I am getting really excited about becoming an entrepreneur because that has always been my dream!

All excitement about my new adventures aside, today I feel like crap. :( I am hoping it is just because I ate an extraordinary amount of fiber yesterday. I did not do that on purpose, but my tummy sure is feeling it today! I was hoping to get some more of the nursery done and wrap some Christmas gifts, but that might have to be done tonight when I hopefully feel a little better.

Speaking of the nursery, now that we have mostly everything unpacked it is really starting to come together and feel like a home! As soon as whats left to unpack is done we can start assembling the nursery furniture and I am so excited about that! I was so overwhelmed when we first moved in, but now I am starting to relax and enjoy our new living space and it feels good.

Well that is all I have for today! I might post some deals later if I see anything good!

I have posted a poll on the right hand side of my blog page and would really appreciate your participation in it! :)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Become an Extreme Couponer!!!

As most people that know me know, I am very into couponing! I only got started couponing about a year ago, but have successfully created a large stock pile of items that my family uses in daily in just a short amount of time. As you have probably noticed from my blog posts, I not only coupon for groceries, I coupon for just about anything I can! :) Since our family's income has been extremely tight (WAY tighter than it ever has been) our stock pile is unfortunately dwindling. :( As soon as our income picks back up I plan to hit the stores and build my stock back up!

One of the best ways to get started with couponing is to be extremely organized. Couponing can be pretty tedious at times and organization helps to cut down the time it takes you to prepare for a shopping trip. It is my opinion that the absolute best way to save time and be completely organized with couponing is by using a Coupon Binder. A Coupon Binder is a large binder that holds all of your coupons and everything you need to shop, like a place for your list, calculator, store policy sheets and more!

Since it is the season for giving I have decided that I want to help all of you couponing beginners out by providing you with your very own coupon binder including detailed instructions on how to use your binder and how to coupon!

I have started a Coupons for Cullen Facebook page and I am using it to do a Coupon Binder Giveaway Contest! Like my page and get 25 of your friends to like my page as well. Once your friend likes my page on your behalf, have them mention your name on my wall. The first 5 people to get 25 of their friends to like my page will will their very own Ultimate Couponing Binder! That is a $40 value!

This binder includes:

  • Large 3 in. ring binder
  • Complete shopping category page
  • Tabs to conveniently find your categories
  • 180 slots for coupons
  • Complete beginners guide to couponing
  • Helpful couponing tips
  • Complete packet of all stores coupon policies
  • Grocery list sheets
  • Zipper pocket to keep couponing supplies
  • 10 pages of coupons to get you started

Hurry and get likes so that you can win this awesome binder!

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